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4 Stars ZDNet Editors' Pick
"This nicely animated puzzle ... offers just about anything you can ask for this type of game."
ZDNet Software Library reviewer

Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.3

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Click here to see more screen shots Daisy Slider Puzzle is the classic logical game where you have to arrange rectangular pieces of a picture or numbered pieces in the right order. You can slide a piece to an adjacent position if this position is free. A game field contains only one free position. You may have already seen a non-electronic variant of this game in plastic or wooden box. Daisy Slider Puzzle is a computer simulation of the puzzle with some advanced features.

Among the features of this program are: variable number of pieces, animation effects, picture, numeric, and alphabetic modes of the puzzle, selection of any picture for the puzzle (from files in BMP or JPEG formats), numerous settings, mouse and keyboard control, optional sound accompaniment, detailed help system, install/uninstall capabilities, and others.

Click here to see more life-sized screen shots A page with additional life-sized screen shots of the Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.3 contains several images of the Daisy Slider Puzzle main window with different view and color settings and images of some of the auxiliary tuning windows.

A main package (slisetup.exe) of the Daisy Slider Puzzle program contains 12 specially selected pictures for arrangement. You can also open any other picture in BMP or JPEG (JPG) format from Internet, your digital camera, scanner, or another sourse.

Download FREE DEMO

You can download a FREE DEMO version of the Daisy Slider Puzzle right now (just click the following filename):
slisetup.exe (1696 KB) - Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.3 installation file.

To install the program just download this file, launch it and follow easy instructions on your screen. No extra DLLs required. Uninstallation is supported.

The demo version has all program features but with limited maximal number of pieces in the game field and with limited number of pictures for arrangement. The demo version never expires.

Buy the full version online!

The Daisy Slider Puzzle is distributed on "try before you buy" principle. The demo version of the Daisy Slider Puzzle allows you to completely evaluate the program features before buying a full version. See additional information about the purchase on the Purchase page.

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